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3.81.167 - Something More Important

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September 19th, 2018, 12:48 am

Topaz: What? I don't have fucking ears.

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Tehpikachu, September 19th, 2018, 12:58 am

come in, come in! and don't mind the mess, i haven't entertained guests in so long, sweetie.

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Advertisement, September 23rd, 2018, 5:06 am

Tehpikachu, September 20th, 2018, 4:47 pm

@Glitchionius, @Nikary Flare (Guest); my line of thinking is that it's okay to like characters even if they do bad things. you know they're bad people, but a good villain is still fun to watch

Lovely people:

Aura9301, September 19th, 2018, 1:48 am

alt text XD

HollyTheFluffyCat, September 19th, 2018, 10:30 am

little baby child are you not concerned about the blood on the floor-

Glitchionius, September 19th, 2018, 11:09 am

I have really conflicted feelings about this purrloin, like on one hand she’s gay and uses words like sweetie but on the other hand she’s a murderer

Nikary Flare (Guest), September 20th, 2018, 9:06 am

@Glitchionius: You shouldn't be sympathetic towards someone just because they're gay. Also, jerks totally do use words like "sweetie".

Glitchionius, September 21st, 2018, 7:23 am

@Nikary Flare: no I mean, it’s nice how there’s an lgbt character in this comic, and people who use words like sweetie in the unironic way is just a cute trait
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: that’s,, not what I meant, her entire personality is just really likeable to me
I mean excluding the murderer part but that’s what makes her a good villain

ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril, September 21st, 2018, 4:04 am

@Glitchionius: Sweetie is not really a gay expression, especially if it's used by psychopaths and parents.

ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril, September 21st, 2018, 4:03 am

Atty knows who she is, and Topaz not.
Man I can't imagine how bad Atty's mood right now.

Nikary Flare (Guest), September 21st, 2018, 5:50 am

That's true, I also do like a good villain.
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